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CNC WoodnWorks and Eddie Busch

Meet Eddie and learn about his passion in serving the Four Corners Area through CNC WoodNWorks

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Meet Eddie

Eddie grew up loving woodworking. For the last twenty years, he has been completing projects like remodeling and building furniture while simultaneously building his woodworking tool collection. In this time, Eddie has worked as a licensed high voltage electrician which lends itself nicely to the tasks required of woodworking projects. He thoroughly enjoyed hand carving animals, which led to the discovery of the CNC equipment. Now, Eddie is capable of high production and high precision custom work. For Eddie, there will always be room for hand carving, but the CNC allows him to expand and diversify his work.

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CNC WoodNWorks: Custom & Creative

When Eddie’s passion became a business, the terms “Custom & Creative” were the central part. The name CNC WoodNWorks makes a word play on these ideas while also relaying the technology of CNC machine work. Eddie’s obsession with perfection makes the custom and creative pursuits happen in homes, businesses, and in carving special projects.

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