Serving the Durango area with a multitude of woodworking services spanning each aspect of infrastructure. From kitchens to closets, and furniture to custom carved signs. CNC WoodNWorks provides the one-of-a-kind design with excellence in quality, craftsmanship, and the service you deserve.

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With new technology in the woodworking world, we have the capability to help make your design a visual. In other words, we give you the ability to envision exactly what you want, like 3D CAD furniture, with 3D renderings.


Artistic elements are evident in every architectural piece by CNC WoodNWorks. But when it comes to individual art pieces, there’s no limits on creative inspiration.


Looking for custom CNC kitchen cabinets? CNC WoodNWorks provides options for every cabinet need to outfit your home or business with quality design and professional experience to make every project possible.

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The CNC Machine, which stands for Computer Numerical Control, allows us to create unique pieces with complete precision and accuracy for all types of projects - carved signs, project engravings, and more. The CNC machine also allows us to mass produce identical products.


This is the chance to dream up the ideal piece of furniture, and have that dream come to life. As a result of CNC WoodNWork's custom and quality, there won't be any more trips to stores filled with generic furniture sets. CNC WoodNWorks provides custom quality work.


With such diversity in equipment and knowledge, CNC WoodNWorks is able to provide you both big picture custom home remodeling and small picture accent pieces engraved with something special. Above all, we've got your projects covered, big or small.

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Commercial lumber yards often don’t have access to the custom woodwork that your home calls for. CNC WoodNWorks can provide the tailored touch on custom woodwork to outfitting any infrastructure.


CNC WoodNWorks has the resources to remodel an infrastructure to the standards you choose. Each and every aspect has potential to be remade to represent your life.


Allow each aspect of your home to be custom fitted by CNC WoodNWorks. We cover both the basics and the details of outfitting your home to the aesthetic you’ve been dreaming of.

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