cnc custom cabinets in colorado

CNC WoodNWorks Project

Office desk and cabinets made out of cherry, walnut and 100 year old barn wood, machined to look rustic.

Materials Used:

Cherry, Walnut, 100 Year Old Barn Wood, Baltic Birch Plywood, Steel, Leather


Durango, Co

Project Type:

Custom Office

Custom Office Desk and Cabinets with Steel Frame

Office desk and cabinets made out of cherry, walnut and 100 year old barn wood, machined to look rustic. Walnut was inlayed into the surface of the countertops and on the metal legs of the wall cabinet. Leather was also incorporated into the tops and edges of the countertops. The drawers were jointed together using dovetails, to give a great look and also provide long lasting durability. Some of the features include the use of soft-close hinges and slides. All supported with a steel frame, this allowed the desk to float above the floor, creating a more open space. Like most of our projects, this was drawn up in Sketchup to exact specifications before moving forward. This was to ensure that the space was well utilized and to also get a great sense of what it would look like.