cnc machine kitchen cabinets in durango

CNC WoodNWorks Project

A custom cabinet designed to house a sub-woofer made out of high quality wood.

Materials Used:

Aromatic Cedar, Northern White Cedar, Steel


Durango, CO

Project Type:


Sub-woofer Cabinet

The task was to design and then craft a completely custom sub-woofer cabinet that allows the speaker to have ventilation while still using quality materials. Using wood like Aromatic Cedar and Northern White Cedar combined with steel, CNC WoodNWorks was able to design a cabinet perfectly fitted for a sub-woofer. Cutting cedar into usable planks posed challenges, but careful craftsmanship allowed the planks to be cut down and used for the cabinet. This cabinet features soft close hinges and slides for doors and drawers, and a grid bottom built by the CNC machine for down-firing sub-woofer as well as a vented back to allow for ventilation.